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GenDesigner 3.0: Public Beta 2 Announcements
Starting with Public Beta 2, GenDesigner 3.x incorporates an extensive database for sources, including multimedia.  In our opinion, the best software for viewing, acquiring, editing, and re-sizing of images is the FREE IrfanView (also known as I_View or I_View32) program.  Moreover, IrfanView, just like GenDesigner, has a multi-language interface currently available in: English (always included), Brazilian, Catalan, Croat, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, and Ukrainian.  We strongly encourage all GenDesigner users to download and install the current version (3.85) of the free IrfanView program by visiting http://www.irfanview.com  GenDesigner uses IrfanView to automatically open linked multimedia.

GenDesigner was tested with large GEDCOM files, containing up to 255,000 persons.  In contrast to many (if not to most) genealogy programs, GenDesigner will open and process a file of this size in about 10 minutes on a computer running Windows 2000 or Windows XP (Pentium IV, 2.2 GHZ or better and 1 GB of RAM).  Processing time includes analysis of information for persons and families, as well as of attached data, filling the Names window, and arranging the labels for persons on screen.

GenDesigner 3.x Beta 2 features guide

  • Names Window toolbar: select and arrange columns, advanced sort, copy (to Excel), print and print preview
  • Drop-down selection of existing names for new persons (activate in Tools/Options)
  • Place editor concept and selection of existing places from a drop-down list (activate in Tools/Options)
  • Place editor's integration with MapPoint (2002 versions of the North American and Europe editions) and geographic coordinates (Latitude and Longitude)
  • Customization of administrative divisions in Advanced Place Editor (see also: Tools/Options/Header)
  • Use Hide and Hide/Special to select a subtree
  • Relationship finder that may be combined with a display of a tree joining blood relatives
  • Arrange and "Arrange visible"
  • Save the selected (visible) tree to a new file
  • Advanced Editor: enter multiple names for a person, Romanized version, married name/names, etc.
  • Advanced Editor: enter multiple variants for a place, use the Romanized version, etc.
  • Advanced Editor: add text and multimedia sources (internal and shared)
  • Advanced Editor: switch to family editor
  • Quality check and real-time quality check
  • You may generate an HTML report that will show all available information for a person, including multimedia (under construction).  Right-click on a label and select "Report".

Download the Beta 2 pre-release (version 3.01.07y, released February 4, 2004) from this linkPlease note that to extend your free license, you will need to install Beta 1, run it once to generate a 180-day license, uninstall Beta 1 using the Add/Remove Programs applet from the Control Panel, and finally install Beta 2.


The GenDesigner™ program version 3 is wholly owned and distributed by PolishExpress, Inc.

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