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  • GenDesigner 3.0 workspace is similar in design to the intuitive workspace of earlier versions of this program.  Navigation tools were re-designed and the workspace may be customized to fit user's preferences.

  • GenDesigner 3.0 has a new "Names window" to facilitate finding and arranging persons in the database.  The contents of this window can be sorted in many different ways.  Clicking on a name in the "Names window" will move the workspace and highlight the selected person.  Right-click on the "Names window" toolbar to select the "Advanced sort" options.  The "Names window" may be displayed or hidden by choosing on option on the Tools menu.

  • GenDesigner 3.0 is the only available genealogy program that is fully internationalized using the latest Microsoft standards.  It uses the Unicode standard allowing entry of names and customization of menus in any language and alphabet.  GenDesigner 3.0 will import a GEDCOM database saved in any codepage (including some obsolete formats like UTF-8 and ANSEL).  Notes and other elements of the database may contain entries in many alphabets in one document.  We have built in missing UNICODE and NLS (National Language Support) functions for Windows 98; however, they do not perform that well as native support in the latest Microsoft operating systems.  To take full advantage of the multi-language features of GenDesigner 3.0, we recommend that you install Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating system on your computer.

  • At present, there are 16 language versions of GenDesigner:
    English (United States)
    Portuguese (Brazil)
    Spanish (Latin America)


  • New language versions in any Microsoft-supported script/alphabet may be generated using our menu-builder system.  Please contact us at for more information.

The GenDesigner™ program version 3 is wholly owned and distributed by PolishExpress, Inc.

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